VT100 test program, version 2.7 (20120603)
1. Test of cursor movements
2. Test of screen features
4. Test of double-sized characters
7. Test of VT52 mode
Menu 11.1.2: VT220 Screen-Display Tests
3. Test Erase Char (ECH) 4. Test Protected-Areas (DECSCA)
Menu 11.2.2: VT320 Cursor-Movement Tests
1. Test Pan down (SU) 2. Test Pan up (SD)
Menu 11.3.2: VT420 Cursor-Movement Tests
7. Test Back Index (DECBI) 8. Test Forward Index (DECFI)
9. Test cursor movement within margins 10. Test other movement (CR/HT/LF/FF) within margins
Menu 11.3.3: VT420 Editing Sequence Tests
9. Test insert/delete column (DECIC, DECDC)
10. Test vertical scrolling (IND, RI)
11. Test insert/delete line (IL, DL)
12. Test insert/delete char (ICH, DCH)
13. Test ASCII formatting (BS, CR, TAB)
Menu 11.3.6: VT420 Rectangular Area Tests
7. Test Change-Attributes in Rectangular Area (DECCARA)
8. Test Copy Rectangular area (DECCRA)
9. Test Erase Rectangular area (DECERA)
10. Test Fill Rectangular area (DECFRA)
11. Test Reverse-Attributes in Rectangular Area (DECRARA)
12. Test Selective-Erase Rectangular area (DECSERA)
Menu 11.4.2: VT520 Cursor-Movement
7. Test Character-Position-Absolute (HPA) 8. Test Cursor-Back-Tab (CBT)
9. Test Cursor-Character-Absolute (CHA) 10. Test Cursor-Horizontal-Index (CHT)
11. Test Horizontal-Position-Relative (HPR) 12. Test Line-Position-Absolute (VPA)
13. Test Next-Line (CNL) 14. Test Previous-Line (CPL)
15. Test Vertical-Position-Relative (VPR)
Menu 11.7: Miscellaneous ISO-6429 (ECMA-48) Tests
2. Test Repeat (REP) 3. Test Scroll-Down (SD)
4. Test Scroll-Left (SL) 5. Test Scroll-Right (SR)
6. Test Scroll-Up (SU)